January 2022

12  Marketing Your School Nutrition Program 

       Course Objectives

  • Define marketing basics
  • Understand how and when to use product, places, and promotions in the marketing plan
  • Recognize a brand image and its importance
  • Know how to develop or enhance a brand
  • Discern when and how to purchase marketing or design help
  • Understand how to adjust the message to each group of stakeholders
  • Determine which marketing tools, such as social media, to use depending on stakeholder group
  • Use one or more marketing tools to develop a marketing piece for your program


19  USDA Foods: Background, Utilization and Strategy   

      Course Objectives

  • Understand the background of the USDA Commodity program
  • Understand how the program is funded, how IDOE receives and disperses those funds
  • What are the options available that utilize USDA funds and what happens to the dollars that are not used?
  • Understand how the money flows with each of the 3 options (Brown Box, Processed Commodities and DoD Fresh)
  • Learn how Indiana determines which Brown Box items to offer, what the specifications of those items are, and how the state distributes and pays for these commodities
  • Understand what happens if there is surplus of Brown Box commodities
  • Understand Processed Commodities (direct diversion), what USDA and the state of Indiana requires of the manufacturers, how the manufacturer receives the pounds diverted, and how those pounds get back to the school district 
  • Understand how the DoD Fresh program works, how it is administered and distributed, and the process to send entitlement to this program
  • Understand the Indiana survey on commodities, it’s timeline, how the information is used, and methods and shortcuts to complete
  • Learn how to determine the cost effectiveness of each of the types of commodities and how to get the most bang for your buck
  • Understand the distributor’s role in NOI processing and how that impacts your choice of available products
  • Understand tools like K12 and Processor Link that can help you manage your commodity drawdown
  • Determine what percent of your food budget is entitlement dollars, and understand differing strategies to maximize your utilization while minimizing the time required


26  Product and Inventory Management
      Course Objectives 
  • Review stakeholders’ responsibilities and expectations
  • Discuss how the menu determines the goods and services that must be competitively procured
  • Review basic concepts of inventory management, product movement, and cost management
  • Summarize the types of items that are associated with a specific product category
  • Create a sample product screening evaluation tool
  • Practice writing a mock product specification
  • Examine the features of a Child Nutrition Label
  • Discuss the importance of accurately forecasting products