A message from your President,

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Lori Shofroth 

As I am writing this letter, most of us are returning from Winter Breaks at our school corporations!  Time goes by so very fast and we need to take just a little more time to focus on ourselves and our families. I do hope all had this opportunity over break However, most of us do not look at this wonderful thing called time as such a precious gift. I remember my Grandmother always saying, "the older you get the faster time goes."  This is so funny because my Mom now says the same thing, and I am sure I will follow suit in years to come. 

Not only does time go fast, at times it can also feel like perpetual motion.  Anytime you are anxiously awaiting an exciting event it seems like it will never get here, only to come and go in the blink of an eye. 

Right now we are again waiting to see what will happen with Child Nutrition Reauthorization.  Only time will tell what the new administration will do.  Some CNR rules will likely not change.  One standard that I hope doesn’t change is professional development requirements.  This is such an important area of everyone’s work life.  ISNA offers so many opportunities for professional development.  ISNA partners with the Department of Education for several events throughout the year.  What a great opportunity to learn of the latest and greatest information! 

I encourage everyone from Directors and Managers, to front and back of the house employees, and all involved in your nutrition services program to attend the great educational opportunities that are offered all year long.  Click on the Education tab on the ISNA website for upcoming events Set your sights on the Regional Workshops held during the first 3 weeks of March with the hot topic; Focus on the Customer.  www.indianasna.org. 

Also, don’t forget about the awards that are available to continue your education, pay your way to conference and also to receive the recognition that EVERYONE deserves.  The deadline for nominations for the SNA offered awards for Director, Manager and Employee of the Year is March 1st.  There will also, once again, be Indiana SNA only awards with nominations due on April 1st.  Visit the Awards and Scholarships page under the Education tab on the ISNA website.   

There is no time like the present to learn, lead and succeed! 

I wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year and look forward to seeing you at our ISNA events. 

Madame President 

Lori Shofroth
Food Service Director 
Tippecanoe School Corporation


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