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Indiana School Nutrition Association Request for Trainers

ISNA/IDOE School Nutrition Certificate Courses 2023 Series

The Indiana School Nutrition Association (ISNA) and the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) are requesting proposals from persons interested in presenting 3-hour courses for the ISNA/IDOE School Nutrition Certificate Program in 2023. Courses will be either virtual or in-person as indicated below. NOTE:  Please check the boxes below for those course(s) that you wish to be considered.

About ISNA/IDOE School Nutrition Certificate
The ISNA/IDOE School Nutrition Certificate Program is designed to prepare School Nutrition Directors and those wanting to become Directors in all major responsibilities of the position as defined by the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN). The program is also designed to fulfill USDA Professional Standards Training Requirements for Directors. 
Scope of Work:
The successful respondents to this request will be expected to review, prepare for and deliver a 3-hour course on each of the selected topics using the training materials provided by ISNA. The materials provided include a Participant’s Manual, an Instructor’s Manual, a PowerPoint presentation and both pre and post-assessments. The target audience is school nutrition Directors who are working on the ISNA/IDOE School Nutrition Certificate, although the course will be open to all interested school nutrition professionals. 
Trainers will be paid $375 for virtually delivered courses and $500 for in person courses. If interested in viewing the Course Instructor’s manual, please contact Tonya Suits.
Consultant Responsibilities:
  • Provide own computer that can run MS PowerPoint Version 2007.
  • Provide own transportation to the training site when in person.
  • Review, prepare for and deliver 3 hours of instruction and activities, per the Instructor’s Manual, in an engaging style to 25-35 participants.
  • Be familiar with instruction via Zoom including screen sharing, using polls, and breakout rooms to enhance learning experience.
ISNA Responsibilities (In-person courses):
  • Provide the trainer a copy of the Instructor and Participant Manuals as well as the PowerPoint Presentation in advance of the class.
  • Provide participants with name badges, manuals, handouts, and any materials required.
  • Provide logistical coordination with the course venue.
  • Provide meeting room for participants.
  • Provide food and beverage for breaks/meals when applicable.
  • Provide LCD projector that can connect to PC based computer and screen (if needed) Provide microphone and sound system (if needed)
ISNA Responsibilities (Zoom courses):
  • Provide the trainer a copy of the Instructor and Participant Manuals as well as the PowerPoint Presentation in advance of the class.
  • Host the training using the ISNA Zoom account.
  • Coordinate the Zoom registration and provide a representative to assist in managing the chat box and breakout rooms when needed.
Additional Information:
A certificate course may be canceled 2 weeks prior to the session date if there are less than 25 participants enrolled.
Qualifications and Trainer Response:
Respondents should have expertise or experience related to school nutrition program finances.  Ideal candidates include those holding the SNS credential.
The response to the request for trainers must include:
□   Up to date resume
□   List of previous training/presentations provided related to topic(s) in which you are proposing to teach
□   One to two letters of recommendation from groups to which you have presented.
*This is not necessary if you have previously presented for ISNA.
□   Explanation as to why you feel that you are qualified and would like to present this information.
Deadline for Response
Responses due by November 11, 2022. Click HERE to begin.